Boards, Councils and Committees

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the guidelines of UNIPAR and it is currently composed of seven members.

The Board of Directors has also the responsibility to indicate the executive board and to supervise its performance. The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis and extraordinarily, whenever called by its Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Name Position
Bruno Soares Uchino Chairman
Luiz Barsi Filho Vice-Chairman
Louise Barsi Alternate
Aníbal do Vale Board Member
João Guilherme de Andrade Só Consiglio Board Member
Lucas Quieroz Abud Board Member
Sergio Machado Terra Board Member
Vitor Manuel Cavalcanti Mallmann Board Member

Executive Board

Executive officers are responsible to daily executive management of business and currently the Executive Board is comprised of:

Name Position
Maurício Parolin Russomanno Chief Executive Officer
Antônio Marco Campos Rabello Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Rodrigo Cannaval Chief Industrial Officer

Fiscal Council

The main responsibilities of Fiscal Council are to evaluate Executive Board performance, to examine Company‘s financial statements and to report their conclusions to shareholders.

Name Position
João Cláudio Zola Chairman
Julio Cesar de Barros Alternate
Clovis Hideaki Ikeda Member
Mariana Guarini Berenguer Alternate
Silvio de Sousa Pinheiro Member
Bruno Tommasi Costa Caribé Alternate
Edilson São Leandro Member
Aloísio Macário Ferreira de Souza Alternate
Paulo Henrique Zukanovich Funchal Member
Felipe Camera Ruiz Alternate

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee deals with matters related to accounting, financial, tax, internal controls and auditing issues, both internal and external. This Committee is an advisory body to the Board of Directors.

Name Position
João Guilherme de Andrade Só Consiglio Coordinator
Humberto Rapussi Member

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee advises the Board of Directors on governance, compliance, ethics and conduct matters.

Name Position
Rodrigo Cannaval Coordinator/Member
Humberto Rapussi Secretary
André dos Santos Ferreira Member
Paula Giannetti de Lima Member
Alexandre de Castro Alternate
Guillermo Alejandro Petracci Alternate
Ro Yung Jia Alternate