According to Company‘s Bylaws and Brazilian Corporate Law, UNIPAR CARBOCLORO is managed by a Board of Directors composed at least three (3) and at most seven (7) members and an Executive Board consisting at least two (2) and at most seven (7) members. The Company’s Fiscal Council is a non-permanent body and when installed based on shareholders’ request, will consist of, pursuant to law, at least three (3) and at most five (5) members, with the same number of alternate members.

Unipar shares (UNIP3, UNIP5 and UNIP6) are traded in the traditional segment of B3, combined with the voluntary adoption of Corporate Governance practices, such as: free float above 25%, the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer are occupied by different people, information in English is disclosed simultaneously with disclosure in Portuguese, public meetings (2018 and 2019), disclosure of corporate events calendar, Audit Committees and Committee non-statutory Ethics and Internal Audit.